The iDQ Portal Pro Client is the central interface for call center operators. It is the connection to the search engines and databases of the directories. Due to its extensibility it can be highly customized, e.g. integration in almost any telephony environment, messaging via e-mail / sms / mms, translation of the user interface into your native language.

iDQ Portal Pro Client

Telephony Integration

With integration in the call center telephony environment operators can control the call from within the iDQ Portal Pro Client, e.g. forward a customer to the number found in the directory.


The iDQ Portal Pro Messaging service enables operators of the iDQ Portal Pro Client to send the information found to the customer via e-mail, sms, mms or other channels like social networks.

iDQ Portal Pro Client


Via the advertisement options you can add revenue channels to your service. Priority listings score a higher position in the search results and can be added to the different output channels via the iDQ Portal Pro Messaging service.