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  • Price hike to directory enquires numbers means calls can cost up to £6
  • Study of 118 services found calls cost 15 times as much as they did in 2003
  • If caller chooses to be put through could be charged £20 for 5-minute call
  • Charities have warned elderly people are most likely to be hit by charges

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Ever wondered how much code it takes to run Google’s services? Rachel Potvin, an engineering manager at the company revealed at a recent @Scale conference that it’s in the neighborhood of 2 billion lines.

That’s roughly 40 times the size of Microsoft’s Windows XP OS and 100 times that of Facebook’s primary app. And it’s all stored in a single repository. Potvin guesses that it’s the largest code base on the planet.

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Residents of Thunder Bay are the latest Canadians to get a new pared down version of the Yellow Pages in their mailbox.

The new books, which measure “7×9″ inches instead of the traditional “9×11″, are being made smaller because consumers are used to dealing with “tablet sized items”, says the company.

But why, in the age of instant anything on your mobile phone, do the Yellow Pages exist at all? After all, about three-quarters of Canadians now have a smartphone, and even old feature phones can be used to conduct a basic search. Isn’t it better to just access the Yellow Pages online?

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In a bid to align its primary search business with its continuing rollout of SMB services, Google My Business is getting a facelift intended to clearly outline the range of tools that have recently been added to connect local marketers and consumers.

New features provide data on listing that are permanently closed, make “help” options more visible, and make it easier for SMBs to find their listings on maps and search.

Essentially, the upgrade aims to provide a more streamlined experience for SMBs who want to use the tool to manage their digital presence, but who may have small marketing budgets and/or may not be particularly tech savvy. Plus, as the world becomes increasingly mobile-first, building a mobile app with functionality on par with or better than the desktop interface is key — an area in which Google appears to have succeeded.

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Ahead of its first-quarter earnings, on Wednesday Facebook unveiled a new caller-ID and business directory app named “Hello.”

Built by Facebook’s Creative Labs and Messenger team, the app connects directly with the social network so users can see who’s calling, block unwanted calls, and search for people and places.

“When you get a call, Hello will show you info about who’s calling you, even if you don’t have that number saved in your phone,” Andrea Vaccari, product manager at Facebook, notes in a new blog post. “You will only see info that people have already shared with you on Facebook."

With Hello, users can also search for people and businesses on Facebook and call them with a single tap.

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