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The Local Search Association held its annual conference last month, where search and marketing experts in the local space provided fascinating insights into trends and challenges that the advertising, marketing and search industry faces today.

Here are 10 of the top insights shared at LSA16:

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What’s Google’s new local business tool?

Google’s new product doesn’t have an official title – it goes by many nicknames such as Google Local Business Cards, Google Post Business Cards, Business Cards and more.  For this blog, we’ll call it Local Business Cards. The service, which is now in an early testing phase with a few select businesses, is a platform – or as Google refers to it, a podium – that allows a brand’s content to bypass Google’s traditional ranking, and feature directly on the first page of search results.

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Australia March 15 2016

Who could forget the classic Australian ‘Goggomobil’, the HELLO YELLOW jingle or the ‘Let your fingers do the walking’ tagline? These advertising gems and cues, launched by leading telecommunications company, Telstra, bring to mind their ‘Yellow Pages’ directory. But when used in relation to print or online directories, does the word YELLOW alone give rise to such an association? Or in trade mark parlance, is the word YELLOW inherently adapted to distinguish print or online directories?

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Mobile devices play an increasingly important role in the retail shopping experience.

We already use our smartphones and tablets at practically every step along the way in the shopping process, from researching product details and comparing prices across retailers to checking the in-store availability of certain items and, at least in some stores, even making payments and checking out. During the 2015 Thanksgiving weekend, 56.7 percent of smartphone owners used their devices to conduct some type of shopping activity.

But what does the future hold for retail shopping, and how will mobile devices play a role in shaping it?

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At the inaugural Ayima Insights digital marketing conference, Ayima co-founder Rob Kerry gave us his insights into how the field of search is currently developing, and what the future may hold in 2016 and beyond.

Things were simpler back in the early days of online search. Or so I’m told – I wasn’t actually there, but Rob Kerry painted a vivid picture during his presentation at Ayima Insights Conference last Thursday.

Google’s slogan of “Don’t be evil” actually seemed like something that the company still believed in; ads and sponsored links were much more clearly delineated; and all you needed to do to make your site rank well in search results was to insert a keyword in the right places.

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