In today’s world, it’s hard to keep track of what information you may or may not be giving out. Even harder to track is information that you may not have given out explicitly but has somehow been accessed by some company you’ve never heard of, or used its services.

Enter Truecaller, the world’s largest phonebook service. You download an app and you get instant caller ID features (particularly useful for numbers you don’t have on your phone). You can block spam calls, search for contact details and see who is calling you before you pick up. Awesome.

But do you know what is powering these processes? Do you know how Truecaller is able to give you this information? Do you know exactly what data you are giving to Truecaller and how that data is being used? Have you ever wondered how your name and number shows up on your friends Truecaller app when you have never even heard of, or used, the service? Let’s break it down. 

Source: Techcabal

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