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A number of Facebook users recently reported seeing a new feature called “Local Market” appearing briefly in their Facebook iPhone app, sometimes in place of the “Messenger” button at the bottom center of the screen. The feature, which is only in testing but not broadly distributed, is a more structured marketplace aimed at buyers and sellers, allowing Facebook users to browse through or post items to sell across a variety of product categories like autos, appliances, furniture, clothing, household, kids, books, and much more.

For those who dug in further, they found this new section included both a “Buy” and “Sell” interface, as well as a way to search across the marketplace for particular items using keywords. Items available for sale are categorized, and include photos and prices.

Users could customize their own Local Market by selecting “collections” they wanted to follow such as “Everything Free,” “Men’s clothes,” “Top Cars,” “Dress for Less,” and others.

Source: TechCrunch

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If you were in any doubt about this being the year that ‘hyperlocal’ became mainstream, surely Pinterest’s recent announcement that it is drawing in local business information from Foursquare, to enhance the location information contained within its Place Pins, is the final piece of evidence.

After all, over the past months we’ve seen the tech giants of this world, namely Google, Facebook and now Pinterest, significantly dialling up their local business space, to the point where 118 has now announced that they are stopping printing their physical Directory.

Source: The Drum

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A machine-learning AI is handling a large fraction of Google's search queries.

Move over, Google search algorithm hand-crafted by hard-working Google engineers. RankBrain has moved in, a machine-learning artificial intelligence that Google’s been using to process a “very large fraction” of search results per day.

It’s not really a complete replacement of the Google search algorithm, also known as Hummingbird, however. The algorithm is the system that processes what people search for and combs through billions of pages to rank the ones believed to be best first.

RankBrain: New Way To Interpret Queries?

RankBrain, instead, seems to be about one part of that algorithm, interpreting what someone searches for and understanding how to submit that request in various ways.

Source: Search Engine Land

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Here's the skinny on all that's happening right now in search behaviour.

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There was a time not too long ago when Google was the only name that mattered when it came to search engines. After all, the name has become so synonymous with “search” that the colloquial term for “look it up” is to “Google it.” Most search engine functions were done on a desktop, but now the times are a-changing, and Google mobile search has overtaken the PC.

This change was initially reported earlier this year, but it only took into consideration 10 countries, including the US and Japan. But a subsequent report confirmed that there are now more Google searches being done on mobile devices than on desktop computers around the world.

Source: Inquisitr

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